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Services We Provide


Custom Software Development Services

- Enterprise resource & process management software - Supply chain management software - Financial management & accounting software 


Web/Mobile App Development Services

- Static web application - Dynamic web application - E-commerce - Portal web app- Content Management System (CMS) - Rich Internet Application 


AI & Machine Learning Development Services

- Neural networks- Self-taught systems- AI algorithms- Natural language processing tools- Real-time data science- Computer vision systems- AI-driven media workflow automation


Software Testing and QA Services

- QA Consulting - Manual Testing- Automation Testing- API Testing- Web & Mobile QA- Security Testing- Performance Testing


UX/UI Design Services

- Architecture- User flow report- Wireframes- Interactive prototype- Design specification


Big Data Software Development 

- Scientific and Forecast Analytics- Ready-Made BI Platform- BI Development- Big Data as a Service (BDaas)- Machine learning for big data

Wow, that’s cool! How can we hire you, cool folks?

We provide a wide range of services to meet even the most daring requirements.

  • Team Extension The CRAZY PUMPKIN elite squad of engineers supplements your in-house team as additional resources.

  • Dedicated team Like a boss, except not, our specialists fully take over the engineering, while your staff is occupied with other business functions like making money

  • Time & Materials Our engineers complete definite tasks on your project and you pay only for the spent time

  • Turnkey Software Development We elaborate on your project requirements and deliver an MVP or completed project in a predefined time and budget for your next cool idea.


Translate your business into software.


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